SUREPLAY® Multisport

DIN V 18035-6 DIN 18035-T6 DIN 51130 EN ISO 11925-2:2010 EN ISO 9239 1:2010

Special features


fire retardant (indoor)

environmentally compatible


You make the right choice for multi-sport surfaces with SUREPLAY® Multisport. Our water-permeable SUREPLAY® Multisport sports flooring can be used on football pitches or basketball courts, running tracks or courses. SUREPLAY® Multisport 25+10 mm is a highly durable all-weather synthetic surface. It is particularly suitable for ball games of all kinds and athletics disciplines and is also very well suited for use by wheelchair users due to its smooth, yet non-slip surface structure.

Consisting of PU-bonded EPDM, they are suitable for many outdoor sports. It can be designed as a single layer of EPDM or as a two-layer system with an elastic cushioning layer made of recycled granules, depending on the requirements. The maximum installation height is only 35 millimetres. The final layer is a coloured and UV-resistant wearing course made of PU-bonded EPDM, which is applied in a sandwich construction. This top layer is suitable for all-weather use and also looks good.

The EPDM granulate of the surface layer is available in 24 colours and many individual mixtures. Of course, pitch lines can be applied. SUREPLAY® Multisport is not only visually very appealing, but also meets all the requirements for synthetic surfaces on sports facilities, for environmental compatibility and fire behaviour. It goes without saying that our Multisport solutions are also easy on the joints and have excellent ball bounce properties.
Incidentally, we also have a multisport solution for indoor sports arenas: SUREPLAY® Multisport Indoor for indoor use has also been tested for its fire properties and classified as flame-retardant in addition to the above-mentioned plus points.


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