DIN EN 1176 DIN V 18035-6 gem. DIN 51130 EN ISO 11925-2:2010 EN 13501-1:2010 EN ISO 9239 1:2010

Special features


fire retardant


environmentally compatible

easy to clean


Sureplay® Stone makes architects’ dreams come true, whether the flooring is installed indoors or outdoors. This mineral decorative floor covering is as purposeful as it is decorative. Its exclusive stone look makes it perfect for creating architecturally appealing surfaces, demarcating paths and driveways or setting exciting accents indoors. A lot is possible in interior design with Sureplay® Stone.

We lay our Sureplay® Stone decorative floor covering in one or two layers and make it water-permeable using PU-bonded marble or quartz gravel and high-grade chippings. The installation height depends on your individual requirements. In the colour spectrum of Sureplay® Stone, we offer you natural colour variants in various shades of natural, grey and red, which are of course easy to clean and UV-stable.


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Sureplay® Stone is not only optically appealing: this mineral floor covering is also environmentally friendly, slip-resistant and flame-retardant. The covering is very easy to clean, can be driven over and withstands all weather conditions.


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