DIN EN 1176 ASTM F 1292 EN 71-3 DIN 18035-T6 DIN 51097 EN ISO 11925-2:2010 EN ISO 9239 1:2010 Order according DIN 51130

Special features


fire retardant

environmentally compatible

easy to clean


Sureplay® Splash PU is our solution for play areas in swimming pools and indoor water playgrounds: The water-impermeable surfacing system is always used where people play, splash and climb in or near water. Here, special safety requirements apply to the cushioning effect of the flooring so that a slip does not end badly.

Sureplay® Splash PU is installed by us on site without joints. We can customize the Splash flooring system to meet specific requirements. Its textured, non-slip rubber granulate structure not only ensures optimum slip resistance, but is also pleasant for bare children’s feet when walking and playing. The slip resistance and appearance of the sealed flooring depend on the respective grain size of the EPDM granules and the coating method. The slip resistance – referred to as class A, B or C in the bathroom sector – is tested in accordance with DIN 51097 for wet barefoot areas. Sureplay Splash PU floor coverings can achieve the properties of the highest class C – safe standing for ramp angles of more than 24 degrees – with both permeable coverings made of flat rubber granules and impermeable coverings with scattered solid coatings. The impermeable version is surface-tight, offers greater slip resistance and is easy to clean. For additional UV protection and improved ease of cleaning, we recommend applying a PU sealer.

We are also flexible when it comes to the installation height: it varies depending on the task and customer requirements. You tell us your requirements and we will customize the multi-layer Splash PU surfacing system. There are also no limits when it comes to color combinations: The EPDM infill granules for the top layer are available in 24 colors, which can also be mixed. The color options for SUREPLAY® splash surfaces depend on the construction method (closed or open) as well as the customer’s design requirements. The water-permeable version allows inlays, light terrain modeling and/or mixed-colour coverings.

Sureplay® Splash PU scores points in several respects with its particular suitability for wet indoor areas: The flooring has been tested and certified for its anti-slip properties, especially for wet areas. Sureplay Splash PU is also easy to clean, flame-retardant and absolutely harmless in this respect.


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