SUREPLAY® Sprint400

DIN V 18035-6 DIN 18035-T6 DIN 51130

Special features


environmentally compatible




You make the right decision with SUREPLAY® Sprint 400 for running tracks, whether school sports or club sports, recreational running training or high-performance athletics. Our waterproof sports surface SUREPLAY® Sprint 400 can even be classified as IAAF-compliant – i.e. suitable for the high requirements of the International Association of Athletics Federations.

As a jointless, waterproof all-weather sports surfacing, the SUREPLAY® Sprint 400 meets all the requirements of an outdoor running track. For the processing of the rubber granulate, for a solid coating or for all-plastic surfaces with 2K-PU coatings, we use only highly elastic and durable material components, which we carefully apply by hand in layers in a sandwich construction. On top of a base layer of SBR recycled granules – 10 to 25 mm in construction height, depending on the requirements – we pour an approx. 3 mm high top layer with interspersed EPDM granules. As with all our SUREPLAY® solutions for outdoor use, this top layer is all-weather and UV-stable.

SUREPLAY® Sprint 400 is not only optically very appealing, but also meets the highest requirements for running tracks in sports facilities, for environmental compatibility and slip resistance. Last but not least: it can even be used with spikes.


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