SUREPLAY® Needle felt

DIN EN 1176 ASTM F 1292 EN 71-3 DIN 18035-T6 DIN 51130

Special features



easy to clean


Do you want to jump around and play like on artificial turf? We have a solution for this too: SUREPLAY® needle felt is a fall protection covering for playgrounds, a sports and leisure system for soccer arenas and small playing fields. It has a textile, water-permeable top layer. Therefore, this high-quality floor covering is visually resembles a needle-felt carpet or artificial turf. We install this system on site by hand. The shock-absorbing, elastic base layer consists of PU-bound SBR recycling granules, which have a particularly joint-gentle effect.

The top layer of SUREPLAY® needle felt consists of a textile covering. Made of filled or unfilled PP, PE or PA fibre material, the surface is adjusted and adapted together with the PU-bonded elastic layer according to the requirements on site and the applicable standards. SUREPLAY® needle felt has particularly good ball bounce characteristics and is very easy on the joints – similar to an industrial carpet. The entire system has great ball bounce properties.

This floor covering, however, has even more plus points to offer: SUREPLAY® needle felt is potentially suitable as a playground floor in terms of its shock-absorbing properties.


Many clients already rely on our products. Here are some examples where SUREPLAY® Safety EPDM has been used and delivers absolute added value.

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